What We Do (and why you should care.)

Effective digital marketing starts with a well-crafted strategy.

Our approach involves creating integrated programs that boost digital marketing ROI by precisely reaching the right audience at the right moments.

We thrive on collaborating with market leaders, innovators, and disruptors. Rather than focusing on the noise, we dive into your business model, and historical data, understand your ideal buyers, strategize and execute with precision, and manage with the same persistence on results.

What to Expect (when you’re expecting…..to hire us.)

Identify the Who, What, When, Where & Why of Your Business

Establish Financial Goals

Analyze your Current Campaigns

Build the Playbook


Paid Search/PPC

Paid search, or PPC, or CPC., is the cornerstone of all our programs. With its heightened intent, it consistently delivers the highest ROI. We leverage smart technology to attribute high value engagement online to revenue, enhancing performance.


Remarketing keeps your audience engaged and aware of your brand after they have been to your site. We work with you to identify content that would be of value to your ideal audience based on their engagement and where they are in the buying cycle.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Generating high-quality traffic is step one; converting is another. We analyze the data regularly, identifying trends in how your prospects interact with your site. As part of our CRO plan, we identify areas of weakness on the page that become candidates for testing. Iteration is the key to improving your website and landing page performance.

Paid Social

At Algorithm Digital Marketing, we recognize the power of paid social advertising as the gateway to connecting with your ideal customers. With our expertly crafted strategies, we spark meaningful conversations and kickstart relationships from the get-go. From pinpoint targeting to captivating creatives, we ensure every dollar drives maximum impact, laying the foundation for long-term engagement. Let’s make every click count and transform your digital presence together.


We’re downright anal-retentive about process, strategy, and squeezing every penny out of your marketing budget. Programmatic Marketing? It’s just the icing on the cake for our Account Based Digital Marketing approach. Remember how we use paid social to introduce you to your ideal customers? Well, Programmatic is our tool of choice to deliver laser-targeted, value-packed content that will make your customers want to do business with you. Pretty cool, huh? Well, we’re nerds, so naturally, we think so.

eCommerce Shopping Campaigns

Think of us as your entrepreneurial matchmakers. We bridge the gap between your brand and potential buyers, whether they’re diligently searching at their desk for the next big idea to revolutionize their business, frantically seeking a product before their next family trip, or researching ways to improve their health— you get the gist. We ensure your ads are visible exactly when prospects are primed and ready to make a purchase.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For those with patience for things that are worth the wait and work put in, and an understanding of the value of Earned Traffic from Search Engine Optimization we deploy an enriched SEO program. If you still work with an SEO who is not talking about value-driven content from experts writing about things they know that can genuinely help their customers they are probably still building link farms and hiding keywords in their footers. If you don’t get that joke, then you need to talk to us. We’ll take you under our wing and protect you from those roads to nowhere.

Content Marketing

We’re here to remind our clients of the human touch. Ever wonder what keeps folks engaged when they’re ready to buy? It’s the same stuff we all want: value, trust, assistance, and reliability. Yet, many forget this golden rule. So, ask yourself: are you building rapport with quality content or rushing for the sale? If you’re questioning yourself right now, drop us a line. #foodforthought.