Amplifund is a grant management software solution dedicated to simplifying and streamlining grant management. Removing time-consuming administrative tasks, and capturing critical grant data through automation. They improve efficiencies, simplify reporting, and streamline regulatory compliance by building it into your core operations.

Amplifund values high efficiency of spend, a targeted approach that pinpoints the right prospects and engages them at a price point that drives ROI. Years have been dedicated to mining data, understanding their ideal target audience, and correlating that to optimizations that save money and improve quality lead volume.

Services Offered: Paid Advertising | Analytics & Tracking

Locus Robotics is a leading warehouse robotics company based in Wilmington, MA. Locus is changing the game for warehouse fulfillment, replenishment, putaway, and employee retention. Their solution has evolved from a single collaborative bot to 3 robots that increase use cases, and payload capacity and expands industry applications, all with actionable data that improves throughput and efficiency while improving daily life for associates.

With a goal of ensuring everyone in their ideal target audience new Locus by name and the positive reputation that comes with it, over 145 million people have seen Locus’ name on search engines since the beginning of 2020 and over 2 Million have engaged to learn more and over 5,000 people have provided information to get more information on Locus Robotics.

Services Offered: Paid Advertising | Search Engine Optimization | Analytics & Tracking

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Lead Generation: Pay Per Click, Paid Social Media & Pay Per Lead Programs

  • 80.7% lead increase in first month across lead generation channels.
  • 1,549% lead increase by 6 month mark across lead generation channels